Mindanao Stories

Films focusing on unique regional stories

  1. Habi (10:26) – In Nabunturan traditional weavers eke out their livelihood, hoping to pass on a culture threatened by modernity.
  2. Moru No Man’s Land (16:25) – A young man is drawn to a mysterious bell tower.
  3. Within the Firing Line (11:00) – Set in Maguindanao, a wounded rebel leader meets a famished evacuee.
  4. Pawas (19:54) – The residents of the marshland struggle to live amidst strife, yet the hope for peace still flickers.
  5. Ang Ikaduhang Pagbalik (25:38) – A man decides to follow a mysterious pastor to his church in a remote village.



  1. God Bliss our Home (1:14:17) – For Nawruz, home is where the heart is.
  2. Hugo (A Past Revealed) (36:06) – A documentary feature about the Bul-ul in the Cordilleras.
  3. Taga-Dahican (23:31) – The documentary follows the lives of surfers inhabiting this Pacific paradise.

Nagmahal, Nasaktan 1

Love hurts

  1. Si Astri Maka Si Tambullah (18:10) – Though tolerated, the romance between a transwoman and a young man living in a Sama Bajao village eventually comes in conflict with indigenous traditions.
  2. Ang Mga Panghinaut ni Tonyo (10:05) – Tonyo tries out an online dating app, he finds a suitable match, the night before the eyeball, Tonyo tries to allay his fears.
  3. Binibini (16:18) – A pregnancy gets in the way of Julia’s beauty pageant aspirations.
  4. First Time (29:57) – A past love returns, a secret unearthed.
  5. Nirvana (14:26) – A young man tries to save the life of the woman he loves. He makes a heartrending sacrifice.
  6. Alaala (4:54) – A man returns to his hometown and relives his yearnings.

Nagmahal, Nasaktan 2

Love hurts… Again.

  1. Hulagway (15:00) – A woman searches for answers in the hills of Mati.
  2. B(e)sh (20:00) – Dannika counts on Jayford as her besh and trusted confidante. She falls in love with Xander. The trio forms a bond hurdling a difficult phase of college life. Until something gets in the way.
  3. OLWA (9:25) – Margaux a fresh college grad and nursing a broken heart gets inspiring messages from an anonymous letter.
  4. Ako Ug si Lisa (29:45) – A young woman defies her parents and lives with her lover, it leads to deadly consequences.
  5. Ugma Puhon (15:30) – Ryan, a conspicuously awkward person, visits a leasable apartment graveyard situated near a community of informal settlers. When Ryan meets a local, Steph, he tries to bind a special friendship. But where Ryan finds comfort, permanence becomes as transient as souls of the living and the dead.

Friendships Inc

Friendships is the overlying theme of these films

  1. Usahan Nangluod ang Panganud sa Nabunturan (5:46) – Two friends want to join a parol making contest in the town, while scrounging for materials little did they know that the heavy rains signals the advent of typhoon Pablo.
  2. Best Friend Goals (15:44) – Faced with rejections and heartaches, two bestfriends turn to each other.
  3. Takna (12:09) – A schoolteacher holds a special bond with a young pupil who lost his mother in the deadly Roxas Night Market bombing.
  4. Baslayan (10:26) – A boy searches for a pen for his homework.
  5. Sore (10:22) – A man’s past comes to haunt him.
  6. Acceptance (5:28) – A troubled kids seeks to find hope and redemption.
  7. Daluhong (8:30) – A young man loses his friend to a mermaid.

Selfie Sine

Films which delves on personal struggles and concerns

  1. Bible Study (8:03) – A young man picks a very important lesson during a bible study.
  2. Kokak (8:55) – A middle-aged gay seeks out her identity in a bigoted community.
  3. Nowhere Girl (7:13) – A young writer, a fresh college graduate wanders around the city a little bit uncertain about life after graduation.
  4. Dunaw (7:54) – Earl, an emotional, aloof and with social anxiety teenager carries the burden of being domestically abused. He developed a defense mechanism of running away from anxiety and fear.
  5. Ikyas (9:18) – Jennyl, a mere conscience finds her way out of phantasm to drawback the lost hope and will to live. Sees the lifeless soul of one helpless girl.
  6. Dabid (3:45) – A modern-day retelling of David and Goliath.
  7. Si Elsa (13:18) – Elsa holds a deep dark secret.
  8. Bardusa (23:12) – The comings and goings of people in Sara’s life.
  9. Pirok (7:13) – For mysterious reasons a man finds himself teleported to different places everytime he blinks his eyes.


Films about Familial bond

  1. Mama (10:07) – A grieving kid still mourns the loss of his mother he sees hope in unlikely places.
  2. Redempsyon (14:10) – A woman seeks redemption in her faith, her husband thinks otherwise.
  3. Ferdie the Pet (9:29) – Sibling rivalry arises as they discuss where to bury Ferdie.
  4. Tagay (22:17) – A woman invites a man to join her for a drink, their alcohol-filled conversations unearth the past that binds them.
  5. Ocaso (13:32) – A grieving mother seeks for ways to reunite with her son.
  6. Inakay (23:12) – A mother’s love is tested in the time of a zombie outbreak.
  7. Kariton (28:00) – After losing her husband, Isay works hard to support their children by scavenging. One day, tragedy strikes.
  8. Luto (4:42) – The husband bears the brunt of his wife’s prepartum depression.
  9. Pukaw (15:00) – Robert dreams about his brother JunJun.
  10. Inahan (3:41) – A stubborn young woman disobeys her mother.
  11. Diskarne (9:32) – A daughter gets the courage to stop her sexually abusive father, based on factual events.
  12. Buwawan na Pantad (8:15) – Witnessing two generations of quarrying river sand, Ibrahim wants his grandson to chase his dreams far out to the sea.

Crime and Justice

Crimes and the victims quest for justice

  1. Scream (9:41) – The short film aims to raise awareness on cases of sexual assaults perpetrated against PWD particularly deaf-mutes.
  2. TFTA (13:55) – All is not what it seems on the internet.
  3. Konsensya (2:29) – A man steals money from the ministry, someone bothers him.
  4. Dagan (2:08) – In a deserted street a woman flees from what she suspects is a rapist.
  5. Look (5:10) – A man is consumed by his smartphone, rendered unaware of his surroundings.
  6. Paghandum (12:45) – A young woman’s life is turned upside down when she is violated.
  7. Kwits (15:00) – A father sets up his son’s killer to get even with him.
  8. Biyernes Santo (6:58) – During Good Friday, a holy day, a brutal anti-drug operation is conducted.

Davao Ngilngig Films

Films featured in the Ngilngig Film Festival

  1. Balbal (10:36) – Balong, a teenage boy is ordered by his sisters to watch their dead brother. Muted memories, issues and long-held grudges are unveiled.
  2. Meow (12:04) – a woman unintentionally attracts the presence of a demonic entity which mimics the sound of cats.
  3. Bahin (13:27) – Rucef loves Ella, but his friend Michael stands in the way.
  4. Bwesita (7:24) – Jake learns what came after his crime, the crippled girl he wronged will never leave him in peace.
  5. Tambag (5:53) – Leslie seeks advice from her friend to ease her mind from personal problems.
  6. Taguan (14:59) – A group of friends plays hide and seek in a farm, which is an abode of entities.
  7. Disiplina (3:38) – Our trash is our nightmare.
  8. Dalingsil (13:52) – A playful boy is led astray by mythical creatures.
  9. Takbo (9:21) – A family fleeing from personal problems finds themselves in a barrio populated by aswangs.
  10. Panabi (11:31) – A couple tries to salvage what is left of their relationship by hiking in the forest.
  11. Ang Pag-abot (3:47) – A girl strolling along the woods is pursued by an unidentified entity, later she discovers the entity is a visitor she has been expecting all along.
  12. Urom (6:39) – An internet celebrity makes a move that triggers a horrific experience.

AniMindanao (Animation in Mindanao)

A harvest of animated works from Mindanaoan animators

  1. Unos (3:47) – A father and his son battles out a wicked storm and a fierce sea creature.
  2. Cakes (4:10) – A young boy cheers up a downtrodden cake shop attendant.
  3. Cascade (4:18) – an animated short about a girl and her resentment towards her mother.
  4. Endeavor (4:40) – A tortoise is bogged down by the weight of his own shell.
  5. Escogido (3:43) – A young man fights for his dreams.
  6. Hurgesa (4:04) – A young boy’s fear of toys masks a deep secret.
  7. Is it my turn (5:19) – A short tale of two-lovelorn crabs.
  8. Kit (6:35) – Despite having a small skateboard Kit earns the respect of fellow skaters.
  9. Redd (4:24) – A little red monster lends his pencil to a blue monster, a chain of events unsettles the little monster.
  10. Out of the Paper (7:02) – A 2D animated character comes to life. But quickly realizes that the real world is not something he had hoped to be.
  11. El Verdad (4:43) – A homeless man is interviewd by a TV reporter promising him cash. He deceives the poor man.
  12. The Promise (5:01) – A young girl is trapped in a magical barrier, she meets three travelers each promising to find the missing half of the sacred key that will unlock the barrier.
  13. Si Ongka El Aspin (5:30) – An aspin (asong pinoy) searches for his master he had learned to love.
  14. The Glow (3:30) – A man finds a young abandoned baby, he raises her up, as she grew older, the man does something unexpected.
  15. Fuego (7:51) – In the deep forest, villagers seek to protect their fire from a swarm of light creatures wanting to possess the power of the Fuego.

Life is Here

Featured films from the 24-hour filmmaking race held in Davao City

  1. Puzzle (9:55) – Before meeting his Dabawenya fiancé, a foreigner must first discover the city of paradise- Davao City.
  2. Mamadlungay (06:11) – A young man decides to help enforce the ordinances of the city government.
  3. Life is Here (7:52) – Nursing a broken heart a photographer decides to visit the city for a brief sojourn.
  4. Layover (8:02) – Two tourists from two different places meet in a gift shop in the City, friendship blossoms as they spend their day around the city.
  5. Package (06:44) – A pair of motorcycle-riding henchmen is given a secret task of picking up mysterious packages across the city.
  6. Ang Kalinaw (9:49) – The iconic Ilaw ng Kalinaw clock tower along San Pedro Street acts as a familiar monument to a man trapped in time.
  7. Vlog (8:07) – A blogger and a vlogger roam around the various sights in the city hoping to uncover its true beauty.
  8. Dayo (6:48) – A Chinese magazine writer has serious misgivings about her writing assignment in Davao City, but one incident helps her see the city in a different light.
  9. Dinhi sa Atoa (8:49) – A street urchin is adopted by a kind Dabawenyo who gives her an important ljfe lesson.
  10. Adlaw ni Joy (7:11) – Joy rides a jeepney, deep in her thoughts is her impressions and misconceptions of a city and her people.

Guerrillas in the Midst

Products of the 2017 Guerrilla Film Workshop

  1. Si Ray (12:35) – A mentally-ill man in his early 30s with a huge fascination for all things mysterious and detectivelike solely witnesses a growing argument right beside their house and soon finds himself getting involved in a crime investigation.
  2. Dayong (20:45) – The health struggles of pregnant IP women in Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDAs).
  3. Panaghoy (25:14) – Jeanie, an outcast college student, got cheated by her boyfriend contemplates suicide.
  4. Uroom (4:15) – Andie unknowingly rented a haunted room during her stay in the city.
  5. Kaloy-i (9:22)

Feature Films

Full length films made by multi-awarded Mindanaoan filmmakers

  1. Tu Pug Imatuy (1 hour 30 mins) – “The right to kill” in Manobo, follows Lumad couple Obunay and Dawin who are uprooted from their traditional way of life after a military encounter.
  2. I Love You Thank You (1 hour 48 mins) – This is the story of three lost and jaded twenty-somethings whose intertwining lives share a common search for direction and purpose as they try to cope up with the joys and pains of quarter-life crisis in a place not their comfort zone.