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Huramentado: Kill The President

Jesus Morales is a Samareño tagged as the country’s number one hitman. This time he is facing his last and final mission: To kill the President of the Philippines.

Starring Actors: Banjo Romero, Vic Tiro, Jek Jumawan, Maricel Balderama, Jake Pinca, Noriel Jarito, President Rodrigo Duterte (Special Guest Appearance)

Director: Noriel Morales Jarito

Genre: Action/Crime/Politics

Place of Origin: Pambujan, Northern Samar

Oligase (Demon of Fear)

“Oligase” is about a Tribal girl named Laha who, despite growing up illiterate, embarks on a life-changing journey to attain an education. She refuses to believe her tribe’s beliefs about the Oligase, a demon who devours students. Will Laha pay a heavy price for her dreams and face the Oligase?

Starring Actors: Lesslie Joy Pasandog, Samuel Lafuente, Sunshine Mande, Hazel Joy Apino, Teresa Mande, Alex Pasandog, Vivian Joy Goling, Ricaila Talay

Director: John Valdes Tan and Icko Gonzalez

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Makati City


It is her fate to inherit the power of shamanism from her father. But the same power made their life miserable, how will she run away from the forces that draw her closer to the inevitable?

Starring Actors: Grasya Barrientos, Kristoffer Grabato, John Paul Gague, Laragene Servando, Jonalyn Mateo, France Paez, Celine Paez, Kaylla Animas, Karyll Animas, John Christian Delidel, Dominique Mediodia, Catherine Tabanera, Lynlyn Celiz, Zalde Celiz, Jay Ann Celiz, Rey Pastera

Director: Kenneth E. De la Cruz

Genre: Horror, Drama

Place of Origin: Iloilo City