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Two Sisters

A film about two Myanmar women, Htet and Yamin, who travel to France to pursue their education. Htet is an over-protective elder sister who feels responsible for Yamin. Yamin wants to escape from the authority of her sister.

Starring Actors: Htet Htet Aung, Yamin Phyo Wai, Nwaye Zar Chi Soe

Director: Nay Chi Myat Noe Wint

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Myanmar


A young girl stumbles upon a dying man in a jungle and takes it upon herself to lead him back onto the right path.

Starring Actors: Syazani Zikry,Aisha Marie Ellingham

Director: Feisal Azizuddin

Genre: Drama, Period

Place of Origin: Malaysia

Stencil Daughter

A tattooist girl is expected by her father to look after the family apartment, but she leaves to escape her father’s prejudice against tattooing. But when her father has an accident, the girl must find a way to resolve their differences.

Starring Actors: Chidapha Khongpetsak, Chotika Prapasjedsadakey, Raywat Peanpojjananarthkey, Nanlada Owattanakey, Sutarath

Director: Jakkrapan Sriwichai

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Thailand

The Sun Never Sets

On a hot day there is a female farmer who fall in love with a new farmer, but she never expresses her feelings, until the sun’s heat brings irregularities in that land.

Starring Actors: Angel Manik, Hilman Fariza

Director: Idan Firdaus

Genre: Fantasy, Horror

Place of Origin: Indonesia

Ainer Dorojay (Before the Law)

A person who comes from the countryside spends his whole life in front of the door of law, waiting to enter.

Starring Actors: Zahid Azim,Ratan Deb

Director: Saiyeed Shahjada Al Kareem

Genre: Mystery

Place of Origin: Bangladesh


A film about a woman who longs for her grandchild to come home to celebrate the day her husband left.

Director: Muhammad Rosyid

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Indonesia

Fathima the Oracle

In a small village in northern India, a Buddhist spirit possesses a young Muslim girl. As she goes into a trance, she speaks a language different from her own. This inexplicable phenomenon breeds hostility within her community, leading to a failed attempt on her life. With the support from her family and friends, she attempts to understand what is happening to her and negotiates a path through which she can practice both religions and help people in need.

Director: Geleck Palsang

Place of Origin: India