Alas Tres

Freyell, is always left alone by her busy mother, and when the clock hands come to form the letter “L”, terrifying things happen. Frey experiences blood-inducing events, and is haunted by a pestilent apparition bound to harm life itself when the clock strikes 3 A.M.

Starring Actors: Raye Shyn Asilo, Neil Guitguitin, Neil Guitguitin, Michael Makiling, Sittie Hannah Entreno

Director: Michael Jay Makiling

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Mati City


Elise, Alex, and Troy are out on an adventure to please their fans. They go to a forest that, reportedly, a lot of people died in. As they go on, they realize that the place is inhabited by something and it wants them dead. Are they going to survive?

Starring Actors: Manika Claudin De Lara, Raymund Thomas Coralde,Eugine Troy Manlino,Anafe Sinogaya

Director: Rochel Dave Saavedra, Marjo Lucilia A. Prospero

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Place of Origin: Cagayan De Oro City


A college student finds himself transported to a different reality of his life after entering a mysterious cubicle in his school’s restroom.

Starring Actors: Harold Jasson Tuquib, Micah Prieto, Amabelle Beking, Marc Ryan Kim Dante, Giles Anthony Gevera, Kim Joshua Matildo, Derek Sardoncillo

Director: Derek Sardoncillo & Marc Ryan Kim Dante

Genre: Documentary

Place of Origin: Davao City

Eyes with Wonder

“Stuff your eyes with wonder” is the favorite quote of aspiring novelist Gian Asuque, who had met the one he had been waiting for in the most unlikely time and in the most unlikely place.

Starring Actors: Denzly Pitchan, Edsam Andit

Director: Wowa Medroso

Genre: Romcom

Place of Origin: Davao City

Hangka Kawman, Hangka Jantong (One Village, One Heart)

“Hangka Kawman, Hangka Jantung” is a Tausug saying, which means “One Village, One Heart”. This documentary showcases unity, acceptance, and love. It tackles the lives of the people living in Illana Bay’s seashore in Dap-Dap, Balabagan, Lanao Del Sur. It describes both Christians and Muslims’ shared values and cultures.

Starring Actors: Narcia Romanilos, Mijal Saidal, MindaLapura, Larde Asta, Eddie Antolan

Director: Julbert Borcelas Solarte

Genre: Documentary

Place of Origin: Balabagan, Lanao del Sur

Kaputli (Purity)

“Kaputli (Purity)” is a story of a teenager who is drowned by her love for a boy. They decide to live together with her partner’s family, but soon she faces conflicts with her boyfriend and his family.

Starring Actors: Jowelyn Aying, Lloyd Rubia, Dysel Sumandac, Ramelyn Mabras

Director: Chynna May Dalogdog

Place of Origin: Monkayo, Davao de Oro

Kwarto Baynete Kwatro

Dave must go through 14 days of quarantine as he was exposed to the COVID-19 virus. But challenges take place inside the four corners of the room.

Starring Actors: Dave C. Lanticse

Director: Raymark Esteban Estael

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: San Francisco, Agusan del Sur


During the peak of Moro revolution, Mael, a young Moro fighter is forced to leave the front lines to study abroad but faces challenges harder than fighting in the field.

Starring Actors: Mohamad Bolkia Mamadra, Mohamad Ali Pasigan, Hafsa

Director: Prince Nor-Anzarrih M. Matalam

Genre: Action Drama

Place of Origin: Cotabato City

Sana Ol

“Sana Ol” centers on life matters, realizations, and the value of friendship. The story follows JC, as he comes to understand the tragic plights in his life. Along with his friends, can he cope up with his problems or will he be stuck forever with his fantasies?

Starring Actors: John Denver Yu, Zephaniah Angelica Paradillo, Aaron Roel Estoesta, Christian Lloyd Abundo, Joveneil Terec, Chrismar Rue Soegaard

Director: Ryan Edzel Remo

Genre: Drama / Mystery

Place of Origin: Davao City

The Man Who Isn't There and Other Stories of Longing

A photobooth observes different kinds of people going inside his four corners to take their photos. After meeting a lot of them, he gets to see a wide range of human experiences from physical intimacy, deception, to loss.

Starring Actors: Trishtan Perez, Gino dela Paz, Heaven Santos, Mikee dela Cruz, Bea de Guzman, Gian Suarez, Sabs Quesada, Marc Mozo, Van Manabat, Van Sulitas

Director: Trishtan Perez

Genre: Coming of Age

Place of Origin: Quezon City

Unsaved Changes

Miggy, is a videographer who just lost a loved-one. He tries to recollect their memories by creating a video about them but his hesitance and apparent lack of definition of love brings him to Alexandra, a newfound friend on the internet.

Starring Actors: Alleah Rose Guce, Cadence Guartico, Karen Lantajo

Director: Franky Arrocena

Genre: Screen Life, Fiction, Romance

Place of Origin: Davao City


In a future Mindanao ravaged by flesh-eating zombies, two survivors travel in hopes of finding an alleged refugee camp. One carries a gun. The other, a camera.

Starring Actors: Dowlson Brian Jadjuli, Denzly Pitchan, Geomer Joson, Adrian Anib, Iremy Sibla, Mayde Sibla, Honeylynn Sulayao, Yves Genesis Medroso, Jofher Achevida, Gabriel Casumpang, Akira Medroso, Sarah Medroso, Racnel Bagay, Joebert Jumalon, Ritchelle Drilon, Jan Junnibelle Lura, Jessica Atchup, Alden Sallih, Jack James Ponto, Cindy Asis, Kaycee Asis, Jinro Militar, Josefino Abella Nayre, Rannel Dag-uman, Mark Anthony Fuego, Khenly Gen Cascabel Parenias, Mac Mac Vistal, Daniela Rose Deles, Maria Ventura

Director: Wowa Medroso

Genre: Thriller/Drama

Place of Origin: Davao City

Usa Ka Libog

Mai’s lover cuts tree branches to make some fire. A fire that Mai and her lover want to share together.

Starring Actors: Angel Miles Pipeto

Director: Cromwell Ken Ibo

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Place of Origin: Monkayo, Davao de Oro


An old man tries to learn to use the computer and goes online to find his daughter and a cure for his ailment. But instead, he ends up in a dire situation.

Starring Actors: Buggy Ampalayo, Jovan Maan, Bernadette Gabriel Rodriguez, Kyle Gaite

Director: Dan Angelo Calderon

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Davao City

Bullet-laced Dreams

Bullet-laced Dreams follows the indigenous Lumad children in Mindanao as they escape from Military rule due to the insestan armed conflict between the government & Communist rebels. Rising tension push this kids to transfer from place to place just to continue their schooling. The conflict separated the 14-year-old Chriselyn Empong & her classmate continue studying and protest for the end of Martial law so they could go to back to their homeland. She says the only way to regain their way of life is to defend their right to education.

Director: Charina Escala / Kristoffer Brugada

Genre: Documentary

Place of Origin: Quezon City


Reyan finds a way to get himself out of a Ponzi scheme with the help of some friends, his girlfriend and good old conscience.

Starring Actors: Reyan Amacna, Jun Abao, Aryd Ann Mancao, Gina Reyes, Abby Gail Rubio, Earl Reyes

Director: Reyan Amacna

Genre: Drama, Screen Life

Place of Origin: Ozamiz City


A teenage girl recalls her wounded past as she tries to weigh how painful the struggle within herself was than the pain she is enduring from her current situation

Starring Actors: Donessa Apple Darollo, Alger Melendres, Kent Jhon Batistil, Melanie Layaoen, Jaycriz Solarte, Denise Layaoen

Director: Avery Clyde L. Dimasuhid and Rodel Artiaga Jr.

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Monkayo, Davao de Oro


The story is about Hassan, a devoted Muslim student and his non-Muslim friend named Mark, and a tale about the often-difficult decisions we make for the sake of friendship and the future.

Starring Actors: Hizam Dipundugun, Ebrahim Bangon

Director: Jamal M. Baulo

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Malabang, Lanao del Sur


Nikko, a not-so-good-looking man, desperately looks for true love in this unprecedented time.

Starring Actors: Ivann Chris Pelicano, Rovie Dalagan

Director: Junlou Tordos

Genre: Crime-Drama

Place of Origin: Nasipit, Agusan del Norte


The documentary explores the lives and ideas of individuals belonging to indigenous groups of Mindanao. It presents different perspectives on the rapid development of Mindanao society as well as the impact of modernity on indigenous cultures and traditions.

Starring Actors: Marben Subuan, Bya Bangkas, Aimee Abregana-Cabangangan, JP Mangelen, Karl Gaspar

Director: Ed Priete

Genre: Documentary

Place of Origin: Davao City

Medalya ni Leo

Leo dreams of becoming a professional boxer but his reality is his biggest hindrance

Starring Actors: Edgar Bungacaras, Catherine Talaroc, Howell Santiago, Jules Karl Tecson, Charlyn Atienza

Director: Rab Borbon

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Oroquieta City


Ria is a college student whose mother is working abroad as a nurse to meet her needs. Her mother calls to check up on her, but this time something is wrong.

Starring Actors: Maria Pelayo, Bulak Jereza

Director: Andrei Francis “Franky” C. Arrocena

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Davao City

Sino ang Pumatay kay Crispin?

A first-person game show wherein all the accused culprits of a “murder” confesses to the crime, seemingly competing over who gets to be the final “killer”.

Starring Actors: Jed Chio, Kaye Saceda, Abigail Monteagudo, Dominic Morales

Director: Andrei Francis “Franky” C. Arrocena, Abigail Monteagudo

Genre: Thriller, Fiction

Place of Origin: Davao City

The Mist in the Desert

An animated short film composed of two fictional characters fated to meet up but are quite opposite to one another. Will their friendship blossom like they do, or will it wilt tragically?

Director: Kersteen Jayne Leynes

Genre: Fantasy/Drama

Place of Origin: Bansalan, Davao del Sur

Tugaw sa Uma

The story revolves around the life of a young farmer named Juan finding welfare for the crops he sows. The short film shows the struggles he has in exchange for minimal wage, his fight for a just and fair wage, and the different economic issues prevalent in our society.

Starring Actors: Jessam John Aninon, Cesario Jaypee Caplis II, Alexander Pama Jr., Silvino Balorio, Merry Joy Ronulo, Raphael Jay Cordova, Al Ignatius Mabolis, Kyle Adrian Oliva, John Gregory Negoso, Bryan Peter Galido, Rohann Mae Ardina, Bezalelea Buison, Anne Carmelle Balava, Dhemple Sarah Abuzo Sohaya Misbak, Kate Jed Crisostomo, Sheyn Rufila, Jeasmin Lorejo, Efraim Gapol, Nicfred Gerard Yoseff, Ruel Manabar, Rey Anthony Cuerquis, Justin Vincent Delarmente, Jirohn Dean Gersale, John Mark Fiel, Earl Christian Jamero, Orlando Daga Jr., Ray Jess Loyola, AJ Lapeciros

Director: Raphael Jay Cordova, Givenchy Lee Geronimo

Genre: Social commentary, Drama

Place of Origin: Iligan City


Lance, a vlogger, tests positive for COVID-19. Little does he know that the virus is not the enemy, but it is himself.

Starring Actors: Jeff Sabayle, Malaya Sabayle, Jamir Mallari, Jane Darren Genobisa,

Director: Jeff Sabayle

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Davao City

Cherry Wine

The Film is about Carlo, a man in his mid 20s, trapped in abusive relationship and tries to escape from his live in partner Anna, for better change.

Starring Actors: Edmon Telmo, Chriscel Maribojoc

Director: Jun Vincent C. Abao

Genre: Drama / Romance

Place of Origin: Ozamiz City

El Llanto Del Mariposa

After graduating, Issa, an aspiring singer, went to take a job to help her single mother while she is silently battling depression.

Starring Actors: Darla Sheen M. Nasa, Alrhaziv Neil Amisani, Leenrose Galvez Damiles, Mary Gatchalian, Evangeline Juan

Director: Tennyl Dehm D. Canlas

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Zamboanga City

Gihigugma Tika

When his partner did not talk to him for a couple of days, Andy tries to woo her and asks for forgiveness to give their relationship a second chance.

Starring Actors: Andremel Almeñana, James Lubioso, Melvin Jay Perez

Director: Chrismar Rue Sogaard

Genre: Romance

Place of Origin: Tagum City


Kambalingan is a short visual documentary of reminiscence of Marawi’s beauty before its destruction during the Marawi Siege, told by Maranao refugees.

Director: Gio Gonzalves

Genre: Non-Fiction/Experimental

Place of Origin: Cainta, Rizal

Living Dead

When the clock hits 12:00 midnight, a horrific event unfolds.

Starring Actors: Philip Jay Kho, Jake Montajes, Jonah Nakila

Director: Conrad Dela Cruz

Genre: Horror

Noche Buena

Celebrating his Christmas Eve alone in his house, a man takes his late dinner and things goes upside down when he discovers a presence inside the house.

Starring Actors: Ronevie Caspillo

Director: Chrismar Rue Sogaard

Genre: Horror

Place of Origin: Tagum City

Mga Salitang Inanod (Drifted Thoughts)

In a rural area in Mindanao, a deaf-mute boy witnesses the mysterious drowning of twins in a river.

Starring Actors: PJ Macarine, Von Conde, Sheena Zurita, Shaina Zurita

Director: Gab Carmelo

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Place of Origin: Koronadal City

Sunod Napud

Man walks through his memories to remember the good and bad times he experienced.

Starring Actors: Czar Ybarra, Laine Palma

Director: Dan Angelo Calderon

Genre: Drama / Romance

Place of Origin: Davao City


Nikki, spends her quarantine alone in her apartment with only her video diary as an escape for loneliness. After several years, she decides to open her heart again. But confusion stirs her up not being sure to have opened it for a new lover or for an old friend.

Starring Actors: Nikki Cielo Wood, John Mharl Almacin, Mark Jherson Lingcon, Angeline Rodriguez

Director: Donetha Grace Merka

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Place of Origin: Digos City

You are Here

As the countdown begins for the end of the world, Lu Araullo tries to make amends with his mother and his ex-boyfriend. With only a few hours left, will he get the closure he needs?

Starring Actors: Ed Trumata, Danelle Veronica Pio, Christian James Buot

Director: Neo Bryce

Genre: Dramedy

Place of Origin: Panabo City

Paralisado (Paralyzed)

A hitman is tasked to do whatever his Boss tells him, he does this to repay his father for all the sacrifices he has done for him. But his victims won’t stop haunting him in his dreams, causing him to get paranoid. Day after day he gets scared of what may happen to him. Will they haunt him for the rest of his life?

Starring Actors: Jhon Karl C. Taguiam, Benjie G. Roderos, Romer De Asis Prospero, Saul Desamero, Sheryl Camacho, Leila Ysabel Publico, Ronald A. Demiar, Dawn Mizel P. Valdez, Richard Astillero, Christine F. Valiente, Gleezhy Jhed M. Jardeleza, Fernanel Joy T. Catanos

Director: Yen Morales

Genre: Horror Action

Place of Origin: Koronadal City