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An upcoming college student is having a tough time coping up with online schooling at the time of the pandemic, that it leads him into choices that he will regret for the rest of his life.

Starring Actors: Joshua Granada

Director: Vince Ivan Vesiete

Genre: Thriller/Drama

Place of Origin: General Santos City


A story of young boy named Hadjir with his childhood bestfriend. Due to poverty, the young mind he deviates from the path that he could fully comprehend and the prayers of his mother who guided him from childhood.

Starring Actors: Malayha Mamaki, Mahir Farzam M. Abdul, Mihar Fariz M.Abdul, Aizam S. Abdul, Monhadin E. Abdul, Monawara E. Abdul, Mohamad K. Manalo, Fajar Pendatun Baguadatu, Muariff Kulat

Director: Mohadjirin E. Abdul

Genre: Action/Drama

Place of Origin: Datu Paglas, Maguindanao


Edgar tries to kill his boredom by simulating experiences through virtual reality

Starring Actors: Edgar Buncaras

Director: Rob Borbon / Carlos Jaime Ramos

Genre: Comedy

Place of Origin: Oroquieta City

Kaya Ra

After losing their parents in an accident, a young man and his little brother struggles to survive on the streets while he is battling his inner thoughts of the dark future ahead.

Starring Actors: John Irvin Santos, Charles Wayne B. Tubo

Director: Giovani Diego H. Carrillo

Genre: Drama, Psychological

Place of Origin: Davao City


An urban legend about a creature living beneath the river waiting for a victim to swallow and replace it.

Starring Actors: Angel Myles Pipeto

Director: Cromwell Ken Ibo

Genre: Thriller

Place of Origin: Monkayo, Davao de Oro


An intriguing take on how regret can manifest itself in an unimaginable way.

Starring Actors: Rangelen Cuamag,Kylene Consebit,Laarni Booc

Director: Michael Jay Makiling

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Mati City

Dibuho (Sketch)

Dibuho is a story of a girl who is longing for the love of her parents,her dad was always got angry to her, people easyly judge her,one day she just wanted to released her feelings without knowing that it may cause her danger.She got raped by his brother.

Starring Actors: Princess condavan,Ambem lagare,Jaycriz solarte, Rodel Artiaga Jr., Kryzt Ian Gabisan ( and friends), Dysel Rose Sumandac, Chynna Dalogdog, Jack Hannoel Jakosalem Lagare, Jonneth Hermosora, Celestino Pesaña, Joan Españolla

Director: Dysel Rose Sumandac

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Monkayo, Davao de Oro


Ridzmar and Hana are young lovers who must go against the tradition of fixed marriage.

Starring Actors: Rogel Mae Morgia, Elixir Eury Misoles, Irah Ericka Dy

Director: Raymark Esteban Estael

Genre: Comedy-Romance

Place of Origin: San Francisco, Agusan del Sur

Semana Beyb

A story of a teenage girl who falls in love with her chatmate. After 7 days, it’s time for them to meet in person…

Starring Actors: Marialyn Muanag

Director: Daniela Raye Ymabel Gerodias

Genre: Comedy

Place of Origin: San Francisco, Agusan del Sur

Unta Lang (If Only)

Joseph, a secondary student, is known to be an intellect. But because of this, he is always chosen to be the leader in all group projects and his groupmates always depend on him. Working with groupmates who are unhelpful and abusive, will he let his emotions out?

Starring Actors: Joseph Salas, Tori Tongco, Tresha Macaibay, Gabby Uy, Caroline Ocon, Bridget Trinidad, Addie Madronero, Daniel Galuna, Laika Chaves

Director: Malaika Chaves, Yanni Lusterio

Genre: Dark Comedy

Place of Origin: Cagayan de Oro City

Ako; Ikaw

Ako;Ikaw tackles the life of Aminahas. She lives the perfect life she has worked hard for. Little did people know that she has chosen to leave something behind – something important. Now, she’s struggling to battle her conscience on how to move forward while carrying this heavy load.

Starring Actors: Vanessa Barote,Joanna Baba,Mark Jherson Lingcon,Daniel Ypil,Kyle Mar Eborda,Marisse Andaya,Kyle Gatcho,John Mharl Almacin,Jessa Sarcol,RichvillLacumba,Eden Rhey Espina,Albert Razonable,Julieferd Torres

Director: Donetha Grace Merka

Genre: Psychological thriller

Place of Origin: Digos City


An introspective girl reflects on the mundane experiences of life. She looks down on a group whom she sees as trash. As her thoughts grow darker, she experiences the golden rule turn into an iron fist when the very fantasies she thought of end up happening to herself.

Starring Actors: Thaniela Macas, Shyra As-ason,Kaye Condino,Clyde Gubaton,Kent Battung,Gio Gascon,Aaron Pabiona

Director: Gian Vincent Gregorio

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Valencia City

Offline Class

When students are forced to pursue education online, Vancole tries to overcome every circumstance as a result of the pandemic.

Starring Actors: Sittie Hannah Entreno, Raye Shyn Asilo, Cristine Tutor

Director: Michael Jay Makiling

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Mati City

Reges (The River)

A struggling young man promises to help his mother sustain their needs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. But the challenges make it difficult to fulfill his promise.

Starring Actors: Abdullah T. Baulo, Shaina Boloto

Director: Jamal M. Baulo

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Malabang, Lanao del Sur