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A love letter

A filmmaker recounts a heartbreak amid quarantine

Starring Actors: Juan Carlo Balasbas Tarobal

Director: Juan Carlo Balasbas Tarobal

Genre: Narrative Experience

Place of Origin: San Juan City


A gruesome event is experienced by a family due to a creature that lurks in the night.

Starring Actors: Luigi Estoso,Nhelmhar Basa,Erika Velasco,Christian Macapaga,Prince Aquino

Director: Roden P. Ramos

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Manila

Nagapwam? Diin ka gikan?

At a crucial time in their lives, two strangers share their dilemmas with one another.

Starring Actors: Johannes Asio,Chienie Grace Sarol

Director: John Glen Sarol, Stephane Asio

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Los Banos, Laguna


Bad news, hate posts, and public opinions. These are just another few of the battles I have to fight and face in the midst of this pandemic. Even in the four corners of my room, staying at home was never safe at all. I fight for my mental health every single day. Mostly in ways people can’t, don’t, and won’t even understand. Because the best way to get out of it all is by going through it all. Keep walking, keep running. Just keep on going until, until you get to the other side. Until, until you get the slightest glimpse of that bright white light.

Starring Actors: Ryan Canda

Director: Ryan Canda

Genre: Dance film

Place of Origin: Cebu City

Dagami Daytoy (This Is Our Land)

The Didipio community of Twali-ifugao indigenous people put their stakes in setting up a barricade and risk to continue the fight for their life, honor, and land.

Director: Nonilon Abao

Genre: Environment, Documentary

Place of Origin: Quezon City


The first-time jitters of three friends one day before they attend a protest.

Starring Actors: Rebecca Dabalos,Chi Colorado,Aaron Agtay

Director: Aaron Agtay

Genre: Drama- Arthouse

Place of Origin: Manila


A visual effects artist must finish three versions of a television series sequence together with his editor friends to keep his job.

Starring Actors: Ivan Cortez, Lau Cortes,Joshua Priol

Director: Marben Portucela

Genre: Comedy / Action

Place of Origin: Cainta, Rizal

Maupay Nga Aga, Puniti Kita

Intoxicated by their unspoken pasts, two souls from different parts of the Philippines, cross paths and continue the night forward with the question of who is truly dead.

Starring Actors: Pio del Rio, Kusinero sa Kukuks,Kyla Estoya,Nina Pelias,Garfield Cerna,Gianfranco Morciano,Mano Noel

Director: Chicken Ligaya

Genre: Magical Realism

Place of Origin: Tacloban City


A priest confesses before mass, revealing a time ten years ago, when he faced a choice between his vows and his morals.

Starring Actors: Anthony Falcon,Dido dela Paz,Joy M. Ras,Victor Singh,Kyle Almenanza,Luis Rosales

Director: Ivan Cortez

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Mandaluyong City

Our Redirected Hopes

Maya meets with her former lover. She tells her of dreaming that he had become a zombie who was trying to get rid of himself but not even a headshot can kill him. Their short moment together then becomes an awkward conversation of interpreting the dream and reading their true feelings.

Starring Actors: Victor Medina,Mina Cruz

Director: Carmina Cruz

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Place of Origin: Malolos, Bulacan

Tunob (Footprints)

In a remote area in Mindanao, an abducted Korean girl is rescued by a deaf-mute “bandido” aided by his mother.

Starring Actors: Ligaya Rabago, Philip Carlo Ty,Yon Maningo,Robert Kho,Bon-j Ompad,Flor Lapitan

Director: Roldan S. Ardines

Genre: Action / Drama

Place of Origin: Cebu City