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After the death of her father, a religious woman’s life is turned upside down when her long-lost sister returns home after five years, pregnant. Now, both sisters must reconcile their different views on life, family and religion if they are to live together.

Director: Thilagan Narayanasamy

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Singapore / Malaysia


“Otosan” means father in Japanese.

Director: Yusuke Fujiki

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Japan

Lights! Camera! Act-

Lights! Camera! Act- is a comic interpretation of the Sisyphean cycle. Following the critical and commercial failure of his second feature film, the one-time darling of the Singapore film industry bets his name and life-savings on a script he believes will change the face of local cinema.

Inspired by a vague vision of a figure in the desert, a young and idealistic Stan has set forth into the production of what he considers his magnum opus with his trusty right hand man Geoff. It is a potentially groundbreaking moment for the local film scene, and documentary filmmaker Robert and his crew are eager to record the production for posterity.

However, the road to creative fulfillment is filled with obstacles. From an over zealous actor to run-ins with the law, Stan is faced with multiple crises that threaten to throw his film into production hell.

Director: Kenneth Chan

Genre: Comedy

Place of Origin: Singapore / Malaysia


Adam is on the brink of the most important night, as he tries to convince his girlfriend Nisa’s father, that he is the right guy for her. Things took a wrong turn as Nisa’s father, a religious conservative man, questioned every single thing that Adam said in logics that he can’t understand.

Director: Diego Batara Mahameru

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Indonesia

Hilom (Still)

In a fishing village that’s been ravaged by a strong typhoon, the bond of twin brothers is disrupted by another young boy. Hilom follows the journey of the brothers, Andres and Gael, as they find healing against the harsh landscape of an island that’s also trying to recover.

Director: Paul Patindol

Genre: Drama / Family

Place of Origin: Philippines

The Boy Who Bleeds in the Middle of the Sea

A fishing community faces an impending demolition because the landowner is planning to transform the place into a beach resort. One of the fisherfolks is Simon, a teenage boy, who had a menstruation in the middle of fishing. Simon aims to discover his identity through the help of his best friend Pancho to avoid bullying in his school. Simultaneously, his father, Nestor, an activist leader in their community, organizes and mobilizes the fisherfolks to continue to fight for their houses. Meanwhile, Simon’s mother, Marites, has contrasting opinion and she wants to accept the demolition fee after Mon’s brother died last year due to dynamite fishing.

Director: James Fajardo

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Philippines

Lola (Grandma)

It’s Christmas time, and a grandmother spends a quiet afternoon tending to the family chores. But the arrival of an unexpected visitor brings with her some deadly consequences.

Director: Kevin Ang

Genre: Thriller

Place of Origin: Philippines

Ohayo Sapporo

Mo-Re, a hearing-impaired girl, works for the factory. She has come to know a Japanese guy Hiro on the internet chatting and the more they talk to each other, the more Mo-Re wants to see him directly. But she can’t afford to go to Japan. After many complications, she is able to take the flight heading to Sapporo.

Director: Seong-Jun Kim

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: South Korea

Divine XY

Divine finally gets her dream job but hits a snag when it comes to her paperwork. She discovers that people don’t often see her the same way.

Director: Ruelo Zendo

Genre: Drama / Comedy

Place of Origin: Philippines