Six teenage boys in a remote village decide to work in the village cages to rent an 8mm projector from a tour guide in order to raise the money they need to rent a projector.

Starring Actors: Mehdi Gholizadeh, Emad Mohebi, Ebrahim Najmabadi

Director: Hasan Najmabadi

Genre: Childrens

Place of Origin: Iran


Monotony in the life of a young Nepalese sex worker breaks when she goes out with her intimate client. After the sunset, while sitting on the riverbank, the young woman realizes that her freedom is transient.

Starring Actors: Pansy Brahma, Manoj Kar

Director: Ujjal Paul

Genre: Drama, Romance

Place of Origin: India

The Age of Remembrance

Film is about ode for my grandfather’s historical narratives on Indonesian people’s movement in Malaysia which left behind the official history

Starring Actors: Sazkia Noor Anggraini

Director: Sazkia Noor Anggraini

Genre: Documentary

Place of Origin: Indonesia

Berlabuh (Anchoring)

Through film harbour the director want to explore and try to share some of the problems that exist around the seafer’s environment, but that is vary rarely known by the general public.

Starring Actors: Bimantara, Aisah, Rijal

Director: Haris Yuliyanto

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Indonesia

Dear Father

“Dear Father” is an experimental documentary, base on the theory of Generation Loss. It explores the memories between a father and son through voice mails,unwritten letters and photographs of them together.

Starring Actors: Barney Lim Jia Chang, Lim Seng Kee

Director: Jonathan Lee, Pak Sun Man, Ung Hei Ling, Goh Shi Hoong, Khaedchsark Siri Songkram

Genre: Slice of life

Place of Origin: Malaysia


The movie is used as a love letter which is sent to Chiang Mai.The movie also represent the idea of Zen – there is connectionbetween everything in the universe and they cannot be seperated.

Starring Actors: Sutarath Sinnong, Nattawut Apiwannarat

Director: Karan Wongprakarnsanti

Genre: Drama

Place of  Origin: Thailand


Sibilings gathered for their mother’s 91st birthday but the prime motive of the gathering relates to their mother’s property. In the meantime, the mother goes down her memory lane reflecting on their childhood innocence. The conversation turns into a bitter quarrel and they are blissfully unaware of what they truly inherit.

Starring Actors: Irangani Serasingha, Nisman Ranasingha, Kumudu Kumarasingha, Amil Galanga, Nadeeka Bandara, Prem Jayantha Kapuge, Uma Karandagolla, Swetha Nithyanjali, Illawarasu Lakshika, Dulsara Thajith

Director: Lanka Bandaranayake

Genre: Narrative Drama

Place of Origin: Sri Lanka

My Grandmother is an Egg

My grandmother was a T’ung-yang-hsi. It is a traditional practice of pre-arranged marriage, selling a young girl to another family to be raised as a future daughter-in-law. The audiences may glimpse the long past, imagine women’s situation in our own times, and strive for gender equality in the future.

Starring Actors: Yu-Lin Chang, Yu-Chin Chang, Yu-Jan Chang, Yung-Yu Chang, Yu-Hsia Chang

Director: Wu-Ching Chang

Genre: Animation

Place of Origin: Taiwan

Family Photo

Film that feels like a photo, static and slow. The story flows through the actors, making the film stiff and unfamiliar, like a world of memories flashing through the director’s mind.

Starring Actors: Candra Irawan, Dhebora Krisnowati, Rendra Sasongko Adi, Muslimaturrosyidah
Sali, Ahmad Yusuffaz, Miftachul Choir, Ari Kurnia

Director: Maulana Arga

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Indonesia

The Traditional Brazillian Family KATU

Los guardianes nativos el bosque en resistencia al capitalismo agroempresarial opresivo

Starring Actors: Indigenas Potiguaras Kat Rn Brasil

Director: Rodrigo Sena

Place of Origin: Brazil