In these trying times, two friends have a conversation about their thoughts during the pandemic. While the one of them feels bleak and hopeless about the world, the other reminds him to light up the world, no matter how dark it gets.

Starring Actors: Giovani Carrillo, Ed Priete, Charles Tubog

Director: Giovani Carrillo

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Davao City


In a post-apocalyptic world, an 18-year-old woman finally gets the opportunity to celebrate her sister’s birthday with the dress she’s been saving for, only to find out that her sibling had long been dead for a decade.

Starring Actors: Esela Daniel, Vivian Bas

Director: Mary Claire M. Amora

Genre: Sci-fi/Psychological

Place of Origin: Nasipit/Talisay City, Cebu

Sigpat sa Paglaum

This is a film that will document the first class during the pandemic. It aims to share the sacrifices of the marginalized families and the educational set-upin rural areas.

Starring Actors: Jovy Tabanao, Regine Tabanao

Director: Ram Esteban Estael

Genre: Documentary

Place of Origin: Agusan del Sur

Pulong Bato

A group climbs near Mt. Pulong Bato in honor of their dead friend, Lena. Tensions arise as they do the blame game. Mae recounts three legends about the mountain with themes of forbidden love. Reaching the top, Mae finally tells the girls what happened the night before Lena died.

Starring Actors: Ira Jacinto, Fatima Tawasil, Nova Descalzo, Mei-mei Maravilla

Director: Aeon Rhys Abad

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Zamboanga City

Okay ra ko sir

Okay Ra Ko Sir is a film that tries to embody how hard the compromise of the current education system status is. It tries to reflect that there are A LOT of struggles behind “Okay Ra Ko Sir” and that this is something can only be soldiered through if we go on together and with each other.

Starring Actors: Clark Tubog, Marc RB Ducut, Shiela Tubog

Director: Giovani Carrillo

Genre: Drama, Screen-life

Place of Origin: Davao City

Mga Gipaambit Gikan sa Tubig (Whispers from the Waters of Mindanao

A poetic documentary made through several years of travel footage showing the interconnectedness of Mindanao’s bodies of water.

Director: Anna Miguel Cervantes

Genre: Documentary, Video Art

Place of Origin: Davao City


A woman lives her days in an isolation facility hoping for the time when she can finally leave. As she spends more and more time away from her loved ones, her mind begins to unravel, slowly revealing the truth of her reality.

Starring Actors: Winnie Mae J. Priete, Prince Ed J. Priete, Carlin Don Elorde

Director: Ed Priete

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Place of Origin: Davao City


Catching up with the time snatched by the Pandemic, a group of friends gathers for a drink night in a post-pandemic era. Reminiscing what has happened during the hard times, two people among the group gives each other the closure they needed before and a

Starring Actors: Paul Orbista, Claire Salazar

Director: Vince Ivan Vesiete

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Place of Origin: General Santos City

LBM (Low Budget Magicians)

The films revolve around 3 amateur filmmakers who decided to make a documentary about a certain figure named “Nonoy”. The director, Loy, and their leader persuade Log and Vic to push through his plan to film Nonoy and his daily life using only 5 peso coins as the primary budget.

Starring Actors: Ogis Divinagracia, Justin Santiago, Roenardclem Gragasin, Leland Larona

Director: Heart Puyong

Genre: Comedy

Place of Origin: Koronadal City


When many people can say that silence is an analogy of nothingness, this film shows that it isn’t A silence that is disturbing to watchers shows that there are issues that are seen but never been heard.

Starring Actors: Ella Mariel, Emil Prudente, Princess Novem Terante

Director: Heart Puyong

Genre: Silent Film Melodrama

Place of Origin: Koronadal City

Binuntagay (Until Morning)

Catching up with the time snatched by the Pandemic, a group of friends gathers for a drink night in a post-pandemic era. Reminiscing what has happened during the hard times, two people among the group gives each other the closure they needed before and after the losses.

Starring Actors: Albert Razonable, John Mharl Almacin, Ernest Dela Pena, Hanna Caran, Cianine Mangubat, Kristine Nunez, Clynei Mag-aso

Director: Donetha Grace M. Merka

Genre: Slice of Life, Coming of Age

Place of Origin: Digos City


L is a story of a young boy that got curious about his strange world. He wants to seek help from his mother, but their unknown situation made him fail to do so. He has managed to understand the current reality because of a neighbor that he meets every 3PM.

Starring Actors: Giancarlo Ezekiel Ratilla, Key Marie Alutaya, Connie Jay Gargalicano, Philip John Wapaño

Director: John Lesther Alonsagay and Avery Clyde Dimasuhid

Genre: Family, Coming of Age

Place of Origin: Monkayo, Davao de Oro


This film follows the story of Maia, who is being stalked by a guy that she came across a store while buying chips. We follow her journey as she walks the path a woman must take to be able to protect themselves. This is a commentary on how much damage the patriarchy and misogyny can inflict on women.

Starring Actors: Marisa Jalalan, Luke Fernando Cariaga, Carmela Hidalgo, Katrina Macaso, Theresse Mei Yosores

Director: Jon Owen Lepiten

Genre: Suspense

Place of Origin: Isabela City, Basilan


The struggle of a young woman led her to a decision she thought could change everything

Starring Actors: Astin Eustaquio, Debra Anne Ponce, Ezekiel Kim Quimson, Carlito Robin, Lance Eizen Baro, Sean Ronan Estive, Robert Aldwin Fernandez, Ma. Jodelyn Castro, Krizelda Lacandalo, Pamela Arevalo-Carmelotes, Hassan Omar

Director: Christian Paul Lim

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Zamboanga City

Module ni Abdul

This film entails another story of those students who are adjusting at the time of the pandemic.

Starring Actors: Abdul Salina

Director: Ram Esteban Estael

Genre: Short Vertical Documentary

Place of Origin: Agusan del Sur


Singanin is all about the teenage girl and boy, Rabiya and Kiflie want their relationship to be legal, and Rabiya act like she possessed by an evil.

Starring Actors: Norjehan Ampuan, Moctar Abo, Norlainie Abdulsamad, Hassanor Abdulsamad, Najeb Amerol, Esnaida Tabon, Norhana Sarip

Director: Rosmirah Marohom

Genre: Mystery

Place of Origin: Lanao del Sur

One Minute

ONE MINUTE is a romance and family short film that symbolises the essence of Christmas and how it can be shared despite the variance and differences of how we celebrate it, and the situation that we are currently in. It reminds us that like Christmas some things remain constantly serene and at peace, no matter what happens.

Starring Actors: Marc RB Ducut, Krisha Mae Santos, Kuya Sonny, Alleah Guce

Director: Franky Arrocena

Genre: Drama, Romance

Place of Origin: Davao City


Three years have passed, Riff returns home, seeking a chance to be with his ex. But now his friend Jerome for a second time. but an unexpected act leads him into losing him forever–just as how Orpheus loses a chance to be with Eurydice.

Starring Actors: Kyle Lumeran, Jeruel Lapiz, Ezhon Dave Labanza, Kate Lamigo

Director: Vince Ivan Vesiete

Genre: Romance Drama

Place of Origin: General Santos City

Ahmad & Abdul

Ahmad and Abdul is story of two young men who happened to be best friends. They both dream for a peaceful and safer community. Their friendship and principles have been tested when their individual family go against each other because of Rido (Clan Feud). It is a question of sincerity, patience and true friendship after all challenges they’ve gone through. Will Ahmad and Abdul’s friendship and love with each other prevail till the end?

Starring Actors: Abdul Jabbar Boloto, Abdulfais Boloto, Aleyza-Rosaida Datu-Iman, Ehsan Balindong, Mohammad Sam

Director: Jamal M. Baulo

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Lanao del Sur

My Mother's Bicycle

A 14 minute drama short film shot and edited in Fergana, Uzbekistan about a city-girl who seeks comfort and forgiveness from her late mother. Internationally co-produced by the Agency of Cinematography of Uzbekistan and TV Films during the 13th Tashkent International Film Festival (Uzbek premiere). The first Filipino-Uzbekistan film to be made in history

Starring Actors: Zebo Raximova, IIhom Turunov, Shahnova Qosimova, Abinanur Tursunova

Director: Gabriel Carmelo

Genre: Drama, Family

Place of Origin: South Cotabato

The Face of a Blissful Mind

This film centers on the perfect happiness of being a child. It speaks about the spectrum of what a child needs and wants. They deserve to enjoy their time being as a child. In a world where strugging is inevitable. It is them that lightens the world to build a better place.

Starring Actors: Jovanni Miles Enrico, Matthew Enrico, Maria Zol Egay, Edmar Elpian, Andrew Boyoc, Paul Albert Tagnipis, Regielyn Galito, Bea Bianca Cano, Nathalie Cañete, Princess Kaye Saromines, Rosemae Curato

Director: Chrismar Rue Soegaard

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Tagum City


This film will serve as an eye-opener to all the youth, to obey their parents not only the things that they wanted to be heard.

Starring Actors: Johnrick Daniel Adlawan, Erika Adlawan, Sheereen Jahoey Alejandro

Director: Dexter Rebollos

Genre: Experimental

Place of Origin: Zamboanga City

A Sabbath on the Longest Day of the Year

A homage to Nick Joaquin’s Summer Solstice and a reference to Gabriel Garcia Marquez on insomnia and forgetting. Perhaps the possibility of just doing nothing, in a society which never ceases to require labour by women, is equivalent to defiance

Starring Actors: Chriscel Maribojoc, Nicole Pangilinan

Director: Edmund Telmo

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Ozamiz City

Balikbayan Box

A father returning from work overseas gifts his son a virtual reality technology with an artificial intelligence named Alice.

Starring Actors: John Robson Militante, John Ben Capa, Ruzziel Jazz Villegas

Director: Edmund Telmo

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Ozamiz City


He is an eccentric person, a boy who lives a pretty uninteresting life, where he decided to use his imaginative personality. He sees the world differently, as if he seems to be out of reality but attached to his perception of the world. The things he experienced and the amount of time pushed him to get out of his comfort zone

Starring Actors: Loel Balangauan

Director: John Denver Yu

Genre: Psychological

Place of Origin: Davao City

Dayong (Lift-up)

It follows the journey of individuals searching for the final resting place of their friend named Julie. They are currently living in the delusion that discrimination is over and even laid their faith to places they thought would give them saving grace.

Starring Actors: Rodel Jr. Artiaga, Ram Botero, Neil Alvin Manzano, Alberto C. Tiwan, Faith Labrador Prieto, Buggy Amplayo, John Rhino Cadenas, Faith Claire Bawan, Jamil Umali

Director: Mary Ann Gabisan

Genre: Drama

Dead in the Dark

Two thieves try to burglarize a desolate house during a rotational brownout

Starring Actors: Louie Fuentes, Kayle Baculi, Jake Montajes, Philip Jay Kho, Conrad Dela Cruz

Director: Conrad Dela Cruz

Genre: Horror

Place of Origin: Davao City

Free Yun

a group of people is in the bridge of bankruptcy due to low mortality rate in the area, to increase death ang eventually the corpses they will handle, they device a plan to drugged their target by tricking them to feed on contaminated meat , but the only meat available are from the corpse coming to their shop. with the continuous corpse coming in, the meat never runs out. the question is, will you take the “meat” because it’s free? at the end, nothing is free, you will eventually pay the price…..

Starring Actors: Mark Jay Cajano, Ron Richeler Entero, Reygene Boyose, Joey Barba, Louie Logronio, MJ Balaba, April Mae Ligalig, Juvy Ann Clarito, Butch Marfe, Antonio Galleto, LJ Gula, Kris Halog

Director: Toffee Takyo Halog

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Place of Origin: Nabunturan, Davao de Oro


Dodong helps pregnant women give birth to their child in a traditional way in their community and his wife is pregnant. Unknowingly, Dodong has an agenda behind it that will come back to him.

Starring Actors: Louie Logronio, Abby Gale Masambo-Bantayan, Reciejane Lambo, Mark Jay Cajano, Rannilyn Grace Gestosani, Jed Eliakim Naive, Khen Brile Dulay, Rafael Antonio Puig

Director: Hiro Saint Joshua Apus

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Nabunturan, Davao de Oro

Wala ko Dinhi

A young man wants to watch his online wake before he leaves the world forever. But something happened that causes him to be depressed again.

Starring Actors: AJ Benoza, Lalaine Panto, Abigail Martinez, Nathaniel Molina

Director: Jermaine Tulbo

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Place of Origin: Davao City

Mary Jane

“Mary Jane” is a film about a young guy and his sick younger brother who go on a one-day expedition to find herbal medication for his brother.

Starring Actors: James Salvador, Kryz Ian Gabisan Mabini, Kent Batistil, Mark Anthony Garcia, Jaycriz Solarte, Alcher Dalogdog

Director: Chynna May A. Dalogdog

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Monkayo, Davao de Oro

Ngislit sa Kasakit

Storya sa mag asawa nga gapamaligya ug gulay tuklod tuklod ilahang kariton masinati nila ang kanya-kanyang kinaiya sa mga tao.

Starring Actors: Princess Condavan, Kenobe Abaa

Director: Dysel Rose Sumandac

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Banlag, Monkayo

Death of a Filipino Praetorian Guard

An experimental documentary short film about love, life, death, and memories, nostalgia, and everything in between

Director: Nikko Martinez

Genre: Experimental Documentary Short

Place of Origin: Davao City


In the middle of the COVID crisis where every person need to leave the world, a story of a faithful young boy who’s preparing for his last stay on earth as he discovers something that tests his faith and cultural beliefs about “Hell” and “Sin”.

Starring Actors: Nathaniel Molina, Lalaine Panto, Louie Aribon

Director: Jermaine Tulbo

Genre: Dark Comedy

Place of Origin: Davao City

Call me Santa

When fallen people screams for help, the world leaves. Now when fallen people screams for blood, the world screams for help.

Starring Actors: Genelyn Olayvar, Neljean Paler, Ronevie Caspillo, James Lubioso

Director: Chrismar Rue Soegaard

Genre: Horror

Place of Origin: Tagum City