Come Home

The film is a story about a son whose parents are working abroad during the time of Covid-19.

Starring Actors: Dion Miguel Supatan, Jicyl Adalim

Director: Arrbee Ace Rillo

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Panacan, Davao City

Call Boy

The film Call boy is inspired by call boys in the Philippines who are still accepting clients at this time of pandemic

Starring Actors: AJ Benoza, DMs Boongaling, Maria Pauline Vengano

Director: Jermaine Tulbo

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Toril, Davao City

Lusak (Below)

A young farmer was caught in the middle of the war between the government and the rebels

Starring Actors: Nhar Macayendog

Director: Hamir Ibrahim Achacoso


Place of Origin: Davao City


A indie film entitled “HIMARAOT” relatively means as curse in English dialect. The film circulates to its main character who brought inhumane acts to other people in his village .A certain fish vendor invited them to buy his product but suddenly the Boss quickly bring his gun out and made the vendor hesitates to leave with fear shown in his eyes. Without his knowledge, the fisherman was a person who practice witchcrafts and manage to make the boss lose his awareness that leads to his death. Cult is one of mindanawon’s form of witchcraft that’s being executed through praising anddevoting themselves to other form Gods

Starring Actors: Iron John Bandigan, Bryan Jay Bandigan, Dexter Gary Malabar, Rey Gomos, Stephen Loyd Syting, Peter Alger Cayacay, Zaldy Azan

Director: Don L.A/Albert Labacar Jr.

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Place of Origin: Davao City

Paglaum: A Former Rebel's True Story of Hope

A young boy was deceived to join the Communist movement. Years later, after being freed from the chains and warped ideals of Communism, he pursued his lifelong dream through the help of the people he never expected to come to his aid–his former adversaries who later turned out to become his friends

Starring Actors: Dios Vincent Gagama, Pvt Jommari Carlson Solivio, Rigel Kentaurus Angorin, CS Nicomedes Ruiz III, CS Gezer Kem Soliven, CS Alexis Robin, CS Rico Christian Orzales, CS Kristy Mae Untalan, PFC June Joyce Ludia, Florence Mae Suazo, Sgt. Ian Kent C Lamayo (Inf) PA, Nilden Suazo, Leizlene Jade Pantallano, Afnan Bustamante, Normer Bustamante, PFC Jan Ron A. Ceniza (Inf) PA, Johannes Latras, Marlyn Casibua

Director: Riel R. Tanzo

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Mati, Davao Oriental

About Ivy

Eighteen-year-old Ivy Desma lives with her Aunt Lorena — a food vendor and has no choice but to run a small business in their own home.

Their condition is poor but it is not a problem for them to eat three meals a day.

Ivy is a first-year college student and a scholar at a private school in Cagayan de Oro City. That scholarship has been provided free of charge by Mayor Camance for underprivileged and poor students. The scholarship program is great because the student themselves will decide which school they want to enter.

One day, Ivy unexpectedly forgot to bring her School ID. What happened, she was not entered by a school security guard. While walking on the street, out of the blue, she saw a job poster and doubted whether will this work feed her or not. But despite her eagerness to have a job, Ivy was a misbehaved student in her class. One day, while on the plaza, someone called from her school and was informed by a teacher that she no longer had a scholar — she had been removed.

At last, she regretted it. Ivy just missed an opportunity. But there is still hope, the job poster she saw.

That’s the opportunity she will truly grab.

Director: Mia Grace Solamen

Genre: Drama

Place of Cagayan de Oro City

My Dearly Love

My Dearly Love is a simple, sweet, and somehow chaotic story of friendship, love, and teenage experiences in this time of the pandemic where everyone is locked down in their own homes. With our student short film, the audience get to expect a light, fun and easygoing film viewing experience.

Starring Actors: Mary Lopoy, Franc Tadeo, Joseph Salas, Mariane Caballo, larisse Fabello

Director: Joseph Salas

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Place of Origin: Cagayan De Oro

Sampay pa Ahirat

This is a fictional film that envisions to inspire hope not justChristians but also those who want serving indigenous group. It does not aim to destroy any religion or group but it tries to reflect probable realities.

Starring Actors: Jomabae Tidalgo, Maris Muanag, Arvin Bacas, Allan Melloria, Phill Ezekiel Aduana, Rhallyn Joy Abad, Elixir Eury Misoles, Evelyn Misoles, Lorenza Galera, Josephine Northup, Bryan Melloria, Dave Lanticse, Junrey Aduana, Charls MisolesRogel Morgia

Director: Ram Esteban Estael


Place of Origin: Agusan del Sur

Good Locked

Good Locked film is all about the teenage girl, Aisahwho has mental illness. Her mother Sapiya is thereto guide her. Aisah is imagining things like she acts like a normal individuals.

Starring Actors: Fairouz Dipatuan, Nasima Acmad, Noralden Tanny, Abdulrauf Pagador, Abdulkhafid Dipatuan, Jamal Garo, Norhanie Sidic, Johaina Laguindab, Jehana Tomara, Norhassan Candong, Mohammad Paramata

Director: Mr. Al-Farouk B. Marohom

Genre: Mystery

Place of Origin: Malabang, Lanao Del Sur


The film is a minor representation of what happened to the Philippines today where COVID virus made huge effect on the country as a whole. The government and its people became careless and fragile in dealing with the virus.

Starring Actors: FJ Salcedo, Ella Mariel Pagdato, Jovelita S. Taburada

Director: FJ Salcedo

Genre: Short Drama

Place of Origin: Koronadal City, South Cotabato

Balik Loob: A Former Rebel's True Story of Redemption and Transformation

BALIK-LOOB follows the story of a guerrilla fighter, who after spending years of enduring pain and hardships while fighting against the government, decided to lay down his weapons with the help of many unexpected people. Showing that he is worthy of a second chance, he proved that it’s never too late to change and that everyone is worthy of redemption and transformation.

Starring Actors: Miguel Gregory Redulla, Dianito M. Teo Jr., Joven Moreno Montefalcon, Piolo Boaquin, Coleen Quiamco, John Rey N. Obang, Keiflect John C. Sardonidos, Jerold C. Diaz, Marilou Pautan, Marlyn Casibua, SSG Orlando C. Duton, Jr. (FS) PA, CPL Jacson Neil T. Bucag (INF) PA

Director: Allen Bill Dejaro

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Mati, Davao Oriental

Get Me Out

A teenager is taking drugs as a form of escape from all of his problems. He use drugs everyday. One day, while he received the package, he saw something strange; a different kind of pill was included in the package. He didn’t know what it is. Seems to be that it was accidentally included on his package. He didn’t take it at first because he didn’t know what it is. Later that day after running out of cocaine, he accidentally took the pill and felt something strange. He found himself hallucinating and it was like an out of the body experience. Very bright light appeared and transported him to another place.

Starring Actors: Gabriel Cimafranca

Director: Gabriel Cimafranca

Genre: HFiction/Experimental

Place of Origin: Bajada, Davao City

Binhi ng Kahirapan

This film is about young student on a certain place at Barangay Madaya, Malabang, Lanao del Sur who continues to struggle and do farming as part of his extra work to sustain his studies and the needs of his family.

Starring Actors: Jamal Garo, Muhaliden Cawi

Director: Jamal M. Baulo

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Malabang, Lanao Del Sur

Kinaiyahan sa Kagahapon

Joey is an artist/environmentalist saddened by the dealth of his wife also and environmentalist, his partner in business Vince, commissions him to do more paintings. Joey goes back to province but meets his old enemy.

Starring Actors: Jevan Pinero, June Maquinano, Arnold Abella, Rommel Ian B. Uy

Director: Rommel Ian B. Uy

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Davao City


CELSO –a Grade 12 student who aims to get a scholarship from Ateneo meets a great trouble when her sister found out about his dark secret.

Starring Actors: Sim Paul Quem Butlig, Krista Queen Calipayan, Justine Mark Quitor, Emma Rose Ocaso

Directors: Junel D. Garsuta and Kristine Joy E. Bilbao

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Toril, Davao City

Spaghetti ni Mamu

Another OFW story and the disasters that the pandemic broughtnot just to the physical health but also to the emotional and psychological health of the people.

Starring Actors: Rhallyn Joy Abad, Ram Esteban Estael, Elixir Eury Misoles, David Hendrech Aduana, Heaven James Bacas, Evelyn Misoles

Director: Ram Esteban Estael

Genre: Short Film

Place of Origin: Agusan del Sur

Babo Kikasoy

It is a film where everyone can relate A film which I can say that is worth watching for

Starring Actors: Ehsan Balindong, Amerah Tinongan, Aleyza Datu Imam

Director: Nabelah Dimaocom

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Lanao del Sur

Inidoro (Catch Basin)

The story will show the real life of being so innocent of knowing the cause of damage of Sarangani Bay

Starring Actors: Marlon Binarao

Director: Alan Filoteo


Place of Origin: General Santos City