Subiran Namon (Our Fishing Boat)

The story is a reflection of a sad reality in Bantayan Island, 80D and natural lights are used to shoot this developmental aggression film.

Starring Actors: Sarah Ilustrisimo, Shawn Roller, Louwela Pacilan, Steven Somosot, Reynan Rebusit, Maria Robie Solomon, Ryan Mark Batiancila, Val Rupert Taboada

Director: Jai Shane Cañete

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Santa Fe, Cebu

My Father is an Astro-not

A father converses with his young daughter via video call one last time before his journey aboard the STAR “FOREVER 143” where he will spend the remainder of his life.

Starring Actors: Don Melvin Boongaling, Eli Campos, Erlinda Villalobos, Pipooh Villavicencio, PJ Tavera, Rey Legaspi

Director: Arjanmar H. Rebeta

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: San Mateo, Rizal

Baboy Talunon (Wild Boar)

This film reminds us that living peacefully does not guarantee that danger will not chase after us. Through this film we hope that it is still never too redundant to send the message out there that human rights should, above all, be respected

Starring Actors: Aljon Flores, Ron Matthews Espinosa, GC Gastro, Rhea Molicara Sevilla

Director: Kevin Pison Piamonte

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Iloilo City


When Lorna lost her husband in a tragic sea accident, she’s left no choice but to raise her own family.

Starring Actors: Angeli Bayani, Bong Cabrera, Meann Espinosa, Kevin Regalado

Director: Noel Escondo

Genre: Social Drama

Place of Origin: Quezon City

Hinang Way Panghati (An act of the innocent)

A devout muslim mother gets challenged after her daughter pet a dog even though it is considered haram in Islamic practice

Starring Actors: Rain Moh. Nasrif, Alliahna Moh. Nasrif, Flint Palacios, Wish Moh. Nasrif

Director: Kevin Swhazcy Isidro

Genre: Drama

Place of Origin: Cebu City, Cebu