Desperate enough to find financial assistance for his weak and ill grandmother, a yound boy goes against the odds to support her. In the midst of this struggle, the boy unconsciously descends into a world full of hypocrisy and corruption

Starring Actors:
April Jay Caraballe, Imma Bola

Director: Mary Claire Amora



The story revolves around a hardworking father who works as a factory worker but everything changed when his wife left him and the child, Carlo. Carlo, became very affected and blamed everything to his father. Until he became older, he still blames his father, and eventually he ran away from home. But after all the years that he had been bitter, he was still reminded of his father’s love for him. He rushed home, only to find their house in flames.

Starring Actors: Nikho Poro, Marvin Espina, Mark Philip Alas

Director: Carlin Jill A. Te



Coming of Age

Two childhood friends, Shan and Edgar, grew up together in a humble but gritty community. They consider each other as best friends and partners in crime. Their friendship seasoned by time was put into test when Shan’s dark secret slowly affects their lives. In the process of redeeming herself, will Shan save their friendship as well?

Starring Actors: Joana Paraiso, Edrian Paras, Jocelyn Limboan, Vonotelo Labestre

Director: Sheena L. Embutin




After falling as a collateral damage during the Marawi Siege, 17-year old Ahmad is forced to leave his hometown and finds himself relocated to another city, under the care of his aunt. With the trauma and horrors of his past, he is left struggling as he adjusts to his new environment.

Starring Actors: Justin Cabiara, Caironesa Capal Dimantadat, Almojeb Mangotara, Art Baco

Director: Joy Dalman



Mockumentary, Fantasy

Influencer and vlogger Andrew Magsilang’s crew tries to recall the events leading up to his mysterious disappearance. And in doing so, they paint a vivid picture of who he is.

Starring Actors: Andrew Tenajeros, Dianne Calamba, Liza Saludaga, Neo Bryce Largo

Director: Cris John David Manero, Neo Bryce Largo, Ivan Romar Cabanial




In a community where differences matter, two characters from seemingly opposing tribes stand against cultural nations and become friends through an afternoon pasttime game called Cha Cha.

Starring Actors: Nurshaira Saifudin, Monchito Ventura, Rhadzma Jailani, Jonah Alido, Khem Ablar, Andrei Garcia, Kim Balubal, Ivony Nuñeza, Harold Pantalita, Jhonatan Andalajao, Aries Araneta

Director: Al Enriquez



Thriller, Drama

The nightly routine of a balut vendor takes a twisted turn when he encounters a young woman along the empty streets of a subdivision.

Starring Actors: Ejay Capoy, Joan Demonteverde, Herboni TJ Aleria, Jaime Cabatingan, Paul Ramirez

Director: Paul Ramirez



Crime/Neo Noir

After realizing the change in Piracy industry, two DVD pirates moonlights as drug dealers, launching themselves into the denizens of criminal underworld in Davao City.

Starring Actors: Louie Fuentes, Jake Montajes, Kevin Gongob, Kayle Baculi, Joshua Pacaldo, Ramses Crave, Renz Nabor, Philip Jay Kho, Ronald Campos, Jim Pesides, Joseph Aligato, Jenny Badilles

Director: Conrad Dela Cruz



Drama/Slice of Life

Dina and Gino are a happy couple, and Dina sees her boyfriend as her source of strength. Gino means everything to her because Gino “sees” her differently. Gino didn’t know about Dina’s job because he’s blind, all he know was that Dina is working as a local actress.

Starring Actors: Friah Pagaduan, John Ed Molijon, Ikee Ricardo, Brian Adam Anay

Director: Harold “Rod” Villegas



Mystery, Action, Drama

A story of three people who got their second chance in life through a person’s heroic action.

Starring Actors: Ronevie Caspillo, Joveneil Terec, Patrick John Campaner, Christian Lloyd Abundo, Ryan Edzel Remo, Jhun Lexter Salbo, Chrismar Rue Soegaard, Iya Yusop, Edsy Danielle Hamile, Sarah Palang, Cetita Estudillo

Director: Chrismar Rue Soegaard




Kinulong nga Kagawasan is a story of a 15 year old girl named Kim who’s living a chaotic life with her faithful mother and abusive stepfather. She will do everything for her quest for freedom.

Director: Anna Mae Jardin



Mystery, Art

A young man who wants to be on top of everything and doesn’t plan to slow down. But life slows him down.

Starring Actor: Van Maan

Director: Dan Angelo Calderon




A solar-powered toy who wants to go to the light finds himself in a dangerous path.

Director: Carl Venson Zarraga




“Maglabay ra in Sakit” (a Tausug phrase which roughly translates to “this pain will pass”) showcases the spirit and resilience of RKJun, a young musician in Zamboanga City who is determined to pursue rap music even as he is beset by the challenges of poverty, loss, and the effects of terrorism in Western Mindanao.

Starring Actors: RK Juna (Khalid Hamid)

Director: Mijan Jumalon



Drama, Mystery

In a small coastal community in Tawi-Tawi composed of interconnected stilt houses lives Pahad and his parents. Their livelihood depends on the abundance from the sea. While selling sea urchin in the market one day, Pahad meets a girl called Manis, whose beauty captivates him and occupies his thoughts. A relationship formed between the two, but this leads to Pahad exhibiting a strange behavior that his father grows wary about.

Starring Actors: Abraham Nupuran, Zulisha Jalil, Romeo Billuh, Sauda Annao, Efdee Amiril

Director: Bhas Abdulsamad




“Maglabay ra in Sakit” (a Tausug phrase which roughly translates to “this pain will pass”) showcases the spirit and resilience of RKJun, a young musician in Zamboanga City who is determined to pursue rap music even as he is beset by the challenges of poverty, loss, and the effects of terrorism in Western Mindanao.

Starring Actors: RK Juna (Khalid Hamid)

Director: Mijan Jumalon



Starring Actors: Gian Celis Mallo, Rafael Palileo, Klarysse Granada, JF Gevero

Director: Gigi Chan



Myla is a teenage girl living with her 60-year old Mom. At 16, she got pregnant. Now, she is struggling to live a simple life as a normal teenager or accept her fate of becoming a young mother.

Director: Xytel Freyah Lopez




Pondo Paniid is a student documentary film featuring the lives of three inmates or PDL (Persons deprived with liberty) currently confined in Davao City Jail at Maa. The film aims to lessen stereotypical views towards PDLs and inmates who just came out of the prison. The film also explores the programs that the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology applies towards the PDL thus giving the public a better understanding of what truly goes on inside the Jail.

Starring Actors: Lex, Angelo, Dencio, Nanay Let, Eunice, Kaye, JO2 Robert Dawn Rodriguez, JO2 Christine Rose Ibañez

Director: Andrei Francis C. Arrocena, Thea Faye Lois Garcia




Mari, a timid young girl, starts experiencing a weird phenomena on her way home from the pharmacy. Panicking, she runs home and witnesses a horror that will haunt her forever.

Director: Alana Lois Alana



A young woman is cast adrift into different sets of realities that end with someone dying.

Starring Actors: Kylla Benlot, Nicole Aplita, Byronn Velarde, Dominic Cabatit

Director: Aeon Abad



Science Fiction

Three scientists from Central surveillance and discuss their final experiment on Hiyasmin-124. Siglo (Century) recounts the dilemma of the characters in the dystopian world with limited technological and medical advances that could make or break Central’s viscous cycle.

Starring Actors: Mary Dela Vega, John Michael Gonzales, Kwesi M. Junsan, Aina Robeniol, Aditya Khaware, Jenn Romano

Director: Kwesi M. Junsan



Experimental Docu

Siti Drayber (City Driver) retells the day-to-day experiences of city drivers in Manila. They tell stories of estrangement, aspirations, love affairs, friendship and the difficulties of surviving in Manila’s busiest streets.

Starring Actors: Emani Agulto, Regemrei Bernardo, Manny Hernandez, Anton Maza, Bernard Rebulado, Jenn Romano, Kevin Angob, Victorio Abelardo, Arnel Saquin, Fernan Mendoza, Rene Enpictana, Eumer Leoncio, Jonel Reyes, Christopher Fuerte

Director: Kwesi M. Junsan



Arjay is a breadwinner of his family and works hard to gain money because he has a big desire to pursue studying with the hope to raise their quality of living.

Director: Natasha Demavibas



Crime, Drama

Ondo an ingenious man with a perilous job, and Mayang, a grungy woman with a mysterious façade. Together, they encounter the hardships of parenthood as their son was rushed to the hospital. In a world where drugs and iniquitous vices are rampant, Ondo and Mayang, the strung-out young couple, try to make a living by going with the movement of the subtle cradle and hymn of life. But, where would the begrudging notes take them?

Starring Actors: Kaycer Ramirez, Mariez Adajar, Joshua Kent Calinawan, Alexander Bernaldez, Mary Claire Amora, Kent Nathaniel Calinawan

Director: Junlou Tordos





A rom-com film surrounding a high-spirited young girl who is head over heels for her long time guy best friend. Then realizes that her world doesn’t revolve around him and finally lets him go.

Starring Actors: Karylle Dante, Leodhemar Abella, Vanessa Valmoria

Director: Vanessa Valmoria, Tracy Galon