Rules & Guidelines


  1. Entries must have been completed anytime within October 2019 to October 2020
  1. Entries must contain English subtitles “burned in” the film. 
  1. Final copies of entries are required to be encoded in H.264 codec with the .mp4 file extension.  
  1. The use of unlicensed copyrighted materials in entries is strictly prohibited
  1. Entries previously submitted to the Mindanao Film Festival are NOT eligible. 
  1. Entries must be finished and final. Works in progress are NOT eligible. 
  1. For student films, one must include proof of student status at the time of production (i.e. copy of student ID, transcript, workshop certificate, etc.). 
  1. Accurately fill and sign the submission form and release waiver digitally (using Adobe Acrobat Reader or the like). Physical submissions of the form and other requirements will no longer be accepted in adherence to health and safety protocols. 
  1. Only completed entries (including signed certification of entry, submission form, release waiver, and final copy of film) will be processed. 
  1. Multiple entries may be submitted. 


  1. Deadline for the submission of entries is October 9th2020, 6:00 PM


  1. Send files and/or links of entry requirements to: 


  1. All applicants will be notified BY EMAIL ONLY as to whether their entries have been selected or not. 
  1. All official communication shall be by email only. Please add to your email service’s safe senders list or regularly check your junk/spam folder to avoid missed emails.  


  1. Entries are selected for presentation at the Mindanao Film Festival by a programming committee. 
  1. As a festival that strives to develop, promote, and showcase filmmaking in Mindanao, only films made by a Mindanaoan filmmaker, shot in Mindanao, or has topics or themes relating to Mindanao will be eligible for competition. 
  1. Entries outside the aforementioned criteria may still be selected for exhibition in the festival.   
  1. If selected, entries will be required to submit digital copies of their press materials which includes, but are not limited to: film trailer, film poster, production still photos, director’s profile and photo, director’s video introduction of the film, etc.  
  1. Selected entries are required to have its own Facebook page for its own promotional purposes. 
  1. Selected entries with original songs (if eligible for competition) are required to submit copies of such songs in MP3 format. 
  1. Films eligible for awards will be judged by festival jurors. 
  1. The list of festival awards will be announced at a later date. 


  1. For further information, visit or  
  1. For inquires, email