Directed by Miracle Grace Urbiztondo

A short narrative film about how a refugee works hard to reach his dream.

GENRE: Narrative


STARRING ACTORS: Allan Villasencio | Junn Marion Dela Rama | Jester Oani


Directed by Juan Gabriel A. Alonso

A depressed teenager who seeks happiness and love through A.I.

GENRE: Romance


STARRING ACTORS: Joemiel Jude Opiano


Directed by Cheska Tubog

A film that shows another perspective of relevant life of graduate student, even with Latin honors, that faces the responsibilities of adulthood.

GENRE: Horror/Thriller


STARRING ACTORS: Peach Catherine | Danelle Gracious Sabanal


Directed by Alex James Cristino

ANIMAL is a gripping drama that follows Jimboy, a desperate young man, as he takes on a dangerous job to support his siblings. His journey unfolds in a tense and suspenseful car ride that spirals into violence and turmoil. The film explores themes of survival, redemption, and the consequences of one’s choices in a gritty and emotionally charged narrative.

GENRE: Drama, Action

LANGUAGES: Filipino, Cebuano

STARRING ACTORS: Levi Landa | Jheigndrey Alfonso | Carlos Garcia | Joemar Salcedo | Johnross Guillermo | Marko Lenterna | Efren Bernandez, Jr. | Sylvia Bernandez | Amara Ereno | Clibe Puyos


Directed by Donetha Grace Merka

Before We Part is a story on enjoying the seconds spend with the people you love the most even if they don’t reciprocate the kind of love you give. Dana and Kristine’s story is also an epitome that love shows its face in different forms.

GENRE: Slice of Life

LANGUAGES: Cebuano, English

STARRING ACTORS: Henri Belimac | Heroine Fernandez | Anjo Tonzo | Gabryll Pelayre


Directed by Christian Lloyd Abundo

GENRE: Comedy

STARRING ACTORS: Jerald Bonghanoy | Michael Kyle Rosales | Christian Lloyd Abundo


Directed by Toni Canete

In fulfilment of the filmmaker’s directing class final requirement, “Dala” is a narrative film heavily based on a real night from the filmmaker’s life meant to chronicle the anxiety of forgetting and the desperation to remember.

GENRE: Drama

LANGUAGES: Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Filipino, English

STARRING ACTORS: Cole dela Cruz | Aubrey Carnaje


Directed by Toni Canete

In fulfilment of the filmmaker’s undergraduate thesis project, “Desilya” seeks to bridge the gap between trauma and cinema. It is in cinema’s capacity to convey loss and absence through establishing what is present and actual that the filmmaker is able to tell a story of loss through a search.

GENRE: Drama

LANGUAGES: Cebuano, English

STARRING ACTORS: Hyna Calderon | Wally Walter | Nicole Mejer


Directed by Aldrin L. Cork

The film is set in the village in the nearby forest. The film is about abortion. Composed of young members headed by an older person. The film has less dialogues, done by dubbing, musical, and sound effects.

GENRE: Horror

LANGUAGES: Filipino, English (subtitles)

STARRING ACTORS: Franzine del Rosario | James Durano | Gavin Carvallo | Aleah Omao


Directed by Kezia Fuentes

An experimental film that explores morality, objective truth and faith. With the tables as the primary visual element, it offers a unique visual journey immersing you in a philosophical exploration of cinematic art.

GENRE: Experimental

LANGUAGES: English, Cebuano

STARRING ACTORS: Regine Lenguis | Chad Paler





Directed by Chrismar Rue Soegaard

The film talks about how love will make and break us. It also mainly speaks about how natural order prevails and dictates the nature of humanity. With all the technology and innovations, the world will always find its way to its natural order. One must know how to stop, or the beast within us will he unleashed.

GENRE: Drama, Science Fiction

LANGUAGES: Cebuano, English (subtitles)

STARRING ACTORS: MJ Ong | JL Biad | Christian Lloyd Abundo


Directed by Rosalie Escala-Sharif

This film wanted to focus on those who lost their jobs because of the pandemic and began selling pornographic images and videos online to supplement their income. Lente depicts becoming caught in the system and speaks globally about the symptoms of disadvantaged people worldwide. This will draw attention to the difficulty that many people are going through during the pandemic in all it’s complexities.

GENRE: Experimental


STARRING ACTORS: Charlie Rey Maata

Nagtutok sa Kawala ug Pagmahay

Directed by Lenard Christian Apao

A mumblecore experimental film crafted to jumble all feelings of longingness, limerence, and regret in 7 minutes of found footages across the different regions of the Philippines.

GENRE: Mumblecore, Experimental


STARRING ACTORS: Mako Izda | Jona Nakila





Directed by Joseph Salas

“On my 18th”, which is based in Genevieve Asenjo’s “promdi@manila” (2002), is a coming-of-age drama set in Cagayan De Oro City. The film depicts the social constructs that are noticeable in our society today, as well as the subject of entering adulthood, which could be relevant for the teenage audiences.

GENRE: Drama, Coming-of-Age

LANGUAGES: English, Cebuano

STARRING ACTORS: Tresha Macaibay | Katrina Verdadero | Tara Aznar | Zoe Ruita | JM Magto | Malaika Chaves | Yazhi Desucatan | Dave Bacarro | Gabby Uy | Alnor Alingan | Sebastian Bacud | Ivan Bontrostro | Mart Acedillo | Gerson Soner | Clark Kineth Escobido | Simon Llagas | Yanni Custerio | Noelle Sadava


Directed by Jannia Edrez Chio Sanama 

“Plastik” is a charming and witty romantic-comedy short film that uncovers the quirks of an unexpected reunion between Carmela and Venz, ex-lovers who find themselves at the same local spot of Tagum delicacies and souvenirs shop – Tagum Lokal, on a fair morning.

GENRE: Romantic Comedy


STARRING ACTORS: Julianna Despi | Harvey Agot | Renante Macla Jr. | Honeythel Dela Cruz | Faith Labrador Prieto

QUE TAL (Kamusta ka)?

Directed by Crystalane B. Hagonoy 

Zam, stuck in a monotonous job, facing immense work pressure and nearing burnout, rediscovers his passion when he participates in his company’s 10th-anniversary event.

GENRE: Slice of Life, Drama

LANGUAGES: English, Filipino, Chavacano


Directed by Jon Owen Lepiten

“Qué Tal?” is a Chavacano film that takes on a surrealist approach in tackling experiences of failure and disappointment. It is a love letter to all the people who felt lost because one event has changed the entire trajectory of their lives.

GENRE: Coming of Age

LANGUAGES: Chavacano

STARRING ACTORS: Jon Owen Lepiten | Jacqueline Baldonado


Directed by Conrad Dela Cruz

Shot in DV cameras, Found Footage style.

GENRE: Found Footage Horror


STARRING ACTORS: Josh Nolasco | Regina Sison | Conrad Dela Cruz | Jonah Nakila | Jake Montajes | Lenard Apao


Directed by Erica Ingrid Silfverberg

Tama Ka, Tama Na portrays the intense love story of Ella and Jio, navigating the highs and lows of their relationship. Their bond is tested as they confront the complexities of human nature. A compelling exploration of love’s limits in the face of profound challenges.

GENRE: Romance, Drama

LANGUAGES: Filipino, English, Cebuano

STARRING ACTORS: Samuel Lafuente | Justine Kaye Lu


Directed by Roziel Nabuya

The short film depicts the mundane life of a freelance animator whose desires were challenged when he met someone with the same situation.

GENRE: Coming of Age

LANGUAGES: Filipino, Cebuano

STARRING ACTORS: Yumilko Mari Isturis | Lorraine Danica Desonia | Joaquin Yap | Joseph Charles Ramos


Directed by Matthew Dan Asher A. Delda

This is a short documentary mainly focused on the Tinananons of Arakan. For years, they have battled to be heard and now we can listen to Datu Timbol as he narrates the Tinananon’s battles in the past.

GENRE: Documentary


STARRING ACTORS: Datu Timbol Eegaan | Rolly Anib


Directed by Vince Ivan Vesiete and Ruby Jane Facurib

Devastated about their poor academic performances, two best friends plan a heist on their school in the middle of the night to steal the answer keys for the upcoming final exams. As they are about to leave, they encounter something that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

GENRE: Horror, Drama





Directed by Ram Esteban Estael

Trying to escape, Anya, a Manobo woman who is said to be demon-possessed, roughly wriggles her wrists out of the rope that tied her against the small corner of a hut somewhere in the marshland of Agusan. Though challenged with PTSD, she knew very well that it is the graduation day of her only daughter which she desperately wants to witness.

GENRE: Drama

LANGUAGES: Cebuano, Manobo

STARRING ACTORS: Rhallyn Joy Abad | Kristine Briones | Bryan Melloria | Lorenza Galera | Rogel Mae Morgia


Directed by Arnyl Boie A. Jacalan

After his military service, Diego returns home to be with his son, Kiko. Upon reaching their town, the townsfolk ask for his help against Mayor Joaquin and his accomplices. Reluctant to lose his newfound peace with his son “Diego” initially decides not to intervene until Adonis starts an attack. Diego is forced to make a stand and fight for his son’s safety.

GENRE: Action


STARRING ACTORS: Edwin Lloyd C. Ecalla | Markus Pandanon | Majuro Edwin Cayone | Michael Bacalso | Carlos Daniel C. Bul-anon | Leide Lyn Rivas | Wildan Mai


Directed by Febe Bongato

This film highlights the struggles faced by Nanay Bernalda and Tatay Ernesto as they try to rebuild their lives after the effects of Typhoon Odette.

GENRE: Biographical Documentary



Directed by Heinrich Domingo

Bantay sa Banta (The Vigilant Villagers) documents the parallel stories of three communities facing landslide risks. It features community members from the theee Dynaslope sites in the country’s major island groups – one in Luzon, one in the Visayas, and one in Mindanao. As the video narrates the personal lives of these characters, it also touches on ther communities’ social, political, and economic realities.

GENRE: Non-fiction

LANGUAGES: Kankanaey, Ilocano, Filipino, Tagalog, Kinaray-a, B’laan, English

STARRING ACTORS: Neri Dela Cruz | Richard Gomez | Edlina Dulawan


Directed by Kevin Pison Piamonte

“Dog Eaters” is gritty. It is timeless because the struggle of women in our society is still prevalent until now. While showing urban decay and dehumanisation, the story is also about Mariana’s fight and flights to freedom.

GENRE: Drama

LANGUAGES: Hiligaynon

STARRING ACTORS: Sunshine Teodoro | Nate J. Sotto | Ceci Pefiangco | Ian Laczi | Dennis Hubag | Ramjun Clemente ValasoteRamundo Salaon | Tara Lozano


Directed by Ryan Oquiza

“Green Screen ” is a comedy, romance, meta-mockumentary. It’s abiut how even the most ridiculous and benign issues, such as romantic couple fighting, can end up derailing an entire film production. It’s a love letter to the chaotic beauty of cinema.

GENRE: Comedy, Romance, Mockumentary

LANGUAGES: Filipino, English

STARRING ACTORS: Moses Gealogo | Lia Liagan | Gerald Diola | Ryan Oquiza | Raia Miranda | Aljayn Aranzamendez | Koa Allen | Jem Catabijan | Franchesca Pagatpat | Jean Louise Kavier


Directed by Andy Denson

The film is about the filmmakers and participants collective experiences at the 2023 Binisaya Film Festival.

GENRE: Non-Fiction, Visual Poetry



Directed by Keith Nemenzo

This film talks about the desperate situation of a family due to poverty. It’s main theme is the effect of desperation which is to “hang on a thread”. Through this film, the audience will realise that the end of every action does not justify the means.

GENRE: Action, Drama


STARRING ACTORS: Jhean Candia | Keith Nemenzo | Keane Chase | Elgie Babor | Cee Pagharion | Angela Kyle Mapili | Julius Laquinta | Robbie Miranda | Ian Farolan | Princess Daling | Angela Bacang | Dr. Maria Cecile Genove



Directed by Dale Gugudan

A tragicomedy film in a constant state of a tragicomedy film in a constant state of remembering. The character remembering his days and paying attention to the details he had missed previously.

GENRE: Tragicomedy

LANGUAGES: Hiligaynon, English

STARRING ACTORS: Nonilon Torpez | Carlos Sison | Mary Jane Quilisadio | Joseph Liprado | Tex Romero | Meryl Sioquim | Michelle Alcayde


Directed by Isaiah Omana

Pusoy Dos talks about the harsh atrocities the Philippines had suffered, how the poverty rate got affected because of it and many more facets. The film also resonates the director’s love and sense of pride for his hometown.

GENRE: Comedy, Action


STARRING ACTORS: Dylan Talon | Glendonn Boco | Joel Garcia | Marx Halili | Carlo Gianan | Leeam Juaneza | Benben Clown | Dane Santos | Kian Santos | Kendrich Javier | Kiko Zabala


Directed by Earvic Noay

Super Alaya: Ang Bagong Tagapagtanggol is a meta political satire film. It will look at the sexual harassment in a professional setting, the objectification of women in film, and the commentary on men making important decisions regarding women’s body.

GENRE: Satire, Comedy

LANGUAGES: Filipino, English

STARRING ACTORS: Chase Salazar | DMS Boongaling | Red Musni


Directed by Nicanor B. David V

A 2D animated film which tackles the negative effects of A.I. art generation on human artists in futuristic and sci-fi setting.

GENRE: Science Fiction, Animated


STARRING ACTORS: Nicanor B. David V | Aaron Joshua Aquino | Lance Vysmarf B. Villanueva | Ronyl Jhon Penus | Lawrence Alfred Malbarosa | Aliza Gabriella Torrefranca


Directed by Jane Narciso

As a girl finishes eating out when thunder strikes, worrying about the flood, she ignores the root cause of flooding by being part of it. From then on, she gets followed by unknown whispers, following her own investigation to find the voices, ending up with a fish that she believes is making all the noise. However, after not being able to get the answer, she makes her own solution by flushing the fish down the toilet, only to flushed soon after by the spirit that came with it.

GENRE: Drama, Horror


STARRING ACTORS: Kamilah Gail Babiera


Directed by Giovani Diego H. Carrillo

 Congrats is a coming of age film about a hangout between three friends as they experience their transition to adulthood. As they visit their beloved Professor Franky’s grave they reminisce the fun memories of their school life and ponder on the thought of what the future might bring.

GENRE: Coming-of-age


STARRING ACTORS: Zach Abayon | Joseph Demolar | Kal-El Yap | Candenve Guartico | Angeliq Gallardo


Directed by Geraldo B. Jumawan

It features the importance of education since one of the main character was hindered by his parent to continue his schooling due to poverty.

STARRING ACTORS: Jek Jumawan | Jocelyn Busbus | Lida Catulay | Eric John Bernardino | Dexter Piyang | Sofhie Cordero | Ranier Cordero | Glads Cordero | Lucy Bedrijo | Vibes Ayuso | Summer Daphne Castroverde


Directed by Jannia Edrez Schio Sanama

Every day in school, students are afraid of their teacher Annie, as she seems to be always mad. One mistake of her students and Annie could explode anytime, anywhere. As the class goes by, Annie meets a strange student in her class, who loves to draw a lot. The boy’s mysterious behaviour puts Annie to question her reality and sets her morality to the test.

GENRE: Psychological Fiction


STARRING ACTORS: Ellyn Grace B. Montano | James Sion | Benjalino John Gille | Jan Aliary O. Sagrado | Jasmine G. Maug | LG Grace E. Deoduco


Directed by Rosalie Escala-Sharif

In the film “Metamorphosis” it focuses on the underrepresented members of the community, with a particular emphasis on trans visibility. It was a great opportunity for the production team of this film to feature stories about transgender persons or storyline entering the culture in the same way that any other film does.

GENRE: Experimental

LANGUAGES: English, Tausug, Chavacano

STARRING ACTORS: Joshua “JM” Escala | Mohammad-Alih Amil | Leizel Leian Fernandez | Moh. Hatta Kalasahan | Fatima Rosalie Kalasahan


Directed by Bea Abigail Leoncito

The film discusses the experiences of teachers handling dyslexic students and a mother’s relationship with her dyslexic son. It emphasises the need for awareness and support to ensure dyslexic individuals can reach their full potential. It encourages us to appreciate and recognize every individual’s potential, regardless of their learning differences.

GENRE: Documentary

LANGUAGES: English, Filipino, Cebuano

STARRING ACTORS: Brendonn Garino | Kristina Elchico | Saori Bisares | Cedric Bisares


Directed by Donetha Grace Merka

Senyas is a short documentary about the conditions of Elementary deaf students in Kidapawan City. The film shows are able to cultivate their potential despite their disability if enough support is given while not being treated any less.

GENRE: Short Documentary

LANGUAGES: Cebuano, English

STARRING ACTORS: Dexcie Jean Villacarlos | Maria Rosalyn F. Garcia | Noeme N. Cawagas | Cherylle Anne Macaoay | Nemia Garsuta | Jiejie Rose Prande | Jennyvie B. Villacarlos | Riche Salimbot


Directed by Matthew Delda

A short narrative film that shows how love can mend bridges between one’s dream and turn it into a reality.

GENRE: Narrative


STARRING ACTORS: Matthew Delda | Cindy Grace Orbino


Directed by Jeriel Rosh G. Otamias

A sad and heartwarming story between a brother and a sister living in their grandmother’s house.

GENRE: Drama


STARRING ACTORS: Kaede Cristopher Sorote | Carmelita M. Lim | Elena Enriquez | Marianne Maye Ganade | Arianna Rayne P. Matei | Faith Gonzales | Prince Maximmus E. Seiton


Directed by Ed Priete

A film about moving on, The Best Part asks us what it really means to love, especially the kind of love that surpasses life and death. Starring Champ Burgos and Alleah Guce, and featuring original score by Jose Mari Miguel Lascano Dela Peña, this romantic drama directed by Ed Priete will show us how to live after love.

GENRE: Romance

LANGUAGES: English, Filipino, Cebuano

STARRING ACTORS: Champ Burgos | Alleah Guce | Tiffany Lim


Directed by Anne Leigh Vonne Chiu Lozano

Tuyo is a tale of two sisters who live separately. The eldest finds herself with the quest of having to rescue her younger sister from their abusive uncle. They both communicate in secret through phone calls to create a perfect and elaborate escape plan.

GENRE: Experimental


STARRING ACTORS: Darlene Villanueva | MG Urbiztondo | Jeremiah Rendon | Katrina Cabunita


Our Story

An annual film festival that showcases films that tell the unique and fascinating stories of Mindanao.

Run by the Mindanao Film & Television Development Foundation Inc., the Mindanao Film Festival is the longest-running regional film festival in the Philippines and the longest-running independent film festival in the country, tracing its roots all the way back to 2003.

Starting out as the Guerrilla Filmmaking Festival, it was eventually referred to as the Mindanao Film Festival in 2005.

The annual film festival is held every first or second week of December, and accepts films made by Mindanaon filmmakers, films shot in Mindanao, and films about, related to, or set in Mindanao.

The main objectives of the Mindanao Film Festival is to support the filmmakers of Mindanao by promoting and showcasing the wonderful and fascinating stories their films have to tell, and introducing their films to new and greater audiences.

Run by the Mindanao Film & Television Development Foundation Inc., the Mindanao Film Festival is the longest-running regional film festival in the Philippines and the longest-running independent film festival in the country, tracing its roots all the way back to 2003.

Starting out as the Guerrilla Filmmaking Festival, it was eventually referred to as the Mindanao Film Festival in 2005.

The annual film festival is held every first or second week of December, and accepts films made by Mindanaon filmmakers, films shot in Mindanao, and films about, related to, or set in Mindanao.

The main objectives of the Mindanao Film Festival is to support the filmmakers of Mindanao by promoting and showcasing the wonderful and fascinating stories their films have to tell, and introducing their films to new and greater audiences.